About Us

At Excellent Taamiro Packaging Company Ltd, we aim to provide end to end printing and packaging solutions to our clients by developing qualitative, innovative and defect free solutions at the most competitive prices . Quality is the essence of our philosophy at work.
We have imbibed the principles of Total Quality Management in our production processes . This ensures that we are able to cater to ever increasing demands of our customers. Only providing defect free solutions is not enough, one needs to provide these highly qualitative, defect-free solutions at the most competitive prices.

Trained Staff;

Training plays a vital role in any production process. Well trained staff ensures that production methodology is followed perfectly. We invest in qualitative and interactive training methods to create awareness and update our staff with current trends of production technology.

Hi-tech Machinery;

Equipment plays a major role in the quality of production. We have invested in technologically advanced equipment that are designed to meet current quality standards. We believe that quality is priceless and therefore our continuous thrust is to bolster our quality enhancement systems.

Employee Participation:

The Management of Excellent Taamiro Packaging Company Ltd is very well aware that the arduous journey to the top and the even harder task of staying at the top is facilitated by the quality and involvement of its Manpower in all circumstances. We take extra pain in ensuring that all our employees are involved in arriving
at any decision that impacts the working of the organization. Out of the box thinking and solutions have helped us in improving our operating strategies and reducing unwanted costs.